Arugula Salad
“Bacon” Vinaigrette, Orange Segments, Pickled red onion, Radish. {GF}
Deconstructed Egg Roll
Shiitake, carrots, ginger, water chestnuts, maple cider vinaigrette. {GF}
Smash Burger
“Bacon”, pickle, grilled onion, ranch, “cheese” sauce.
Mac & “Cheese” Balls
Jalapeno, “bacon” bits, smoked mayo, scallions.
Bone Marrow
Beef and “bacon” marmalade, local sourdough, gremolata. {GFP}
Fried Green Tomatoes
Chutney, house ranch, fresh herbs.
Korean Wings
Sesame, cilantro.
Breaded cornichons, Ranch.
Short Rib Fries
Braised short rib, pho gravy, herbed mayo, lemongrass, cilantro.
Buffalo Bites
Ranch, scallions.
Chicken in a Biscuit
Thigh, honey drizzle.
Country Chicken Soup
Creamy chicken broth, mirepoix, herbs.
Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad
Kale, radish, carrot, tomatoes, HB egg, “bacon”, ranch. {GF}
House Salad
Arugula, kale, pickled onion, tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, croutons, house dressing. {GFP}
Chicken & Waffles
Berry compote, house syrup.
Brick Chicken
1/2 Chicken under a brick, chimichurri. {GF}
Submarine Steak
Flat iron, , mushroom supreme, italian slaw, fried green tomato, ranch. {GFP}
Half Basket
48 Hour marinated southern fried chicken, honey syrup, cole slaw, pickle, biscuit.
Korean Fried Chicken
Pickled daikon slaw, smoked mayo, cilantro.
Buffalo Fried Chicken
Cole slaw, pickle, house ranch.
Local sourdough, smoked “bacon”, arugula, tomato, smoked mayo.
“Bacon” onion jam, fried onion ring, pickle, smoked mayo, arugula.
Collard Greens
“Bacon”, maple. {GF}
Mash Potatoes and Gravy
Onion Rings
Honey drizzle.
Truffle Fries
Cole Slaw
Flourless Chocolate Cake {GF}
Heaven In A Cup
“Bacon” Donuts
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